Tate Gallery, St Ives

During 2017 the transformation of the Tate Gallery, St Ives was completed, the muti-million pound project doubled the space for showing art and added an additional 600 square metres of gallery space, and has the capacity to accommodate a quarter of a million visitors each year – over 3 times the number for which it was originally designed. 922 lorry loads of soil and rock were excavated from the cliff face to make way for the new Tate St Ives

Innovative Design Solutions

As the Tate is built into the cliff face with its public rooms facing the sea, the practicality of delivering the works of art to the gallery required a sensitive and functional solution.

Future Fire Solutions were tasked alongside our partners Gilgen Automated Door Controls and Schuco Jansen to design, manufacture and install an oversize fully automatic folding sliding door set for the loading bay which was constructed above the main building of the Gallery. The 8m x 4m door set allows unobstructed access to the loading bay, which is in fact an oversize goods lift which then descends into the gallery spaces below.

Incorporating Schuco Jansen Steel Folding Wall profiles and high tech Gilgen Gearing the Doorset glides aside at the push of a button. FFS worked closely with Gilgen Door Controls to ensure the automatic operation of the Doors has a bespoke safety system which incorporates safety sensors which halt the operation of the doors the second any foreign body comes within a safe distance of the folding mechanism.

Specialist oversize glazing units were transported from Europe to complete the sleek and modern aesthetic of the Door.

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