FFS were appointed to design, manufacture and install lift lobby fire screens and doors across 6 floors of the newly refurbished FORA building in Southwark, South London.

FORA's vision is to reimagine workspace that is fit for the 21st century, and as such their office spaces offer comfortable and hi tech workstations with a modern aesthetic.

Due to the triangular footprint of the building there was only one escape route should evacuation be necessary. Therefore, protecting the lift lobby’s and escape staircases required 2 hour FR fixed screens with 60 minute Doorsets.

The Architect was keen to keep framing to a minimum with the largest expanse of glass possible.

With no goods lift and only small personnel lifts, FFS were faced with the logistical problem of transporting 47mm thick panes of glass, weighing 200kg up to each floor.

Another problem was maintaining complete separation between the EI120 and EI60 elements.

Working with our partners at Forster FFS designed a run of fire rated Doors and Screens that spanned each lift lobby, with a system of cladded steel posts that isolated the two separate levels of fire-rating. All elements were PPC to the same shade, creating a seamless run of glazing, offering a high level of protection for anyone escaping the building.

With such a challenging installation, FFS worked in tandem with the main contractor, the glass supplier and our install team to create a delivery/install plan that would accommodate large heavy panes. Specialist trolleys were designed which allowed the large 47mm thick panes to be wheeled through the building and that would fit into the tight lift space.

The end result achieved the high level of passive protection which was imperative whilst also delivering on the Architects desire for sleek modern glazing that gave an impression of light airiness.

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